Matilda Cunningham 

Bunyip, Vic

Melbourne Supporter

Dear footy I love you,

I reckon at the G it’s the best thing hearing the crowd roar when their team kicks a ripper of a goal, there’s people clapping, screaming, yelling but are we as spectators the loudest at the G? Have a think about what is the only thing you can here as you’re entering “GET YOUR FOOTY RECORD!!!”

Born into the Dees family with my Melbourne booties and scarf around my neck, but then came my brother, he was with Dad hawks all the way you know some people just make some bad life decisions.

People say the G’s all about the footy but is it really? I don’t think so it’s about standing at same table with the same people drinking the same lemonade (although the adults choose wine), it’s about copying my uncle when he yells ball, or waving my flag so aggressively it hits a stranger in the head, it’s about losing my membership in the toilets, or stopping to have a chat with the friendly MCC guards, it’s about screaming the theme song so loud you nearly pass out, or taking an hour to decide how you want to wear your scarf, it’s about squeezing you Mum’s hand so tight because you can’t imagine getting lost, it’s about counting how many people are going for the Dees, or taking selfies you know you will keep forever but most of all it’s about the half time chips that are eaten before the siren gets us back on our feet.

Footy. It’s the sport that brings us all together and I know we won’t win a premiership until I’m the one drinking wine, but the Dees have given us a family tradition.

Dear footy I love you.

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