1 in 6 Australian men get prostate cancer. You can help us give them longer lives.

One Day, No Man Will Die from Prostate Cancer

The Australian Prostate Centre works progressively and unrelentingly towards the day where no man will die from prostate cancer. We give more men with prostate cancer longer, better quality lives with ground-breaking research, education and clinical delivery.


Love Letter to Football is the brainchild of Ross Stevenson to support the Australian Prostate Centre (APC) and men fighting prostate cancer through the shared love of football.

The APC supports Australian men who are fighting prostate cancer. Every donation counts. You can find out more about our vital work here

Prostate Cancer claims the lives of over 3500 men each year. Australian men deserve better. Through research, education and clinical delivery, we are changing the odds for Australian men.

We have treated over 10,000 men at our clinic in North Melbourne and continue to research for better treatments and ultimately a cure. Until then, you can help us give Aussie men longer, better lives by supporting our work